HRCT means High-Resolution Computed Tomography, it is a cross-sectional imaging technique used for prognosis and diagnosis of various health ailments, most common being lung disease. It is usually performed using a conventional CT Scanner, although the imaging parameters may vary.
The technique of CT Scan was originally very different. There were a lot of complications to be able to get a correct reading, for example, earlier the scans were carried out in wide spaces. The image resolution was an issue. Whereas, the modern CT Scans are very efficient and have a great range of different image resolutions.

When should one get an HRCT Scan?

ct scan

A person should go for an HRCT Scan when:

  • Diagnose muscle disorders, fractured bones, and tumors in bones.
  • To identify sinus problems and other pulmonary disorders
  • To locate exact locations of tumors, blood clots, infections, internal bleeding, or internal injuries.
  • To guide procedures like surgeries, biopsies, radiation therapy.
  • To check for bone diseases
  • To examine structures and regular check-ups of various body organs.

Organs that can be scanned through HRCT Scan are:

  • Chest and Pulmonary CT Scan
  • Thoracic and Lumbosacral Spine CT Scan
  • Cranial CT Scan
  • CT Angiographies
  • CT Enterography

The process of HRCT Scan

The process of HRCT scans is harmless and pain-free. The patient has to lie face up or down, depending on the procedure on a sliding scan table, that goes into a hollow circular scanner that has cross-sectional high-resolution X-Rays. Sometimes the patient is injected with Dye to outline the organs for a clearer examination of different body parts.

After the Scan

After the HRCT Scan, the patient can resume his activities as per usual. Fasting patients can take their meals regularly. Reports are prepared by the radiologists, the doctors discuss the reports with the patients about the diagnosis. The reports are usually available after 24 hours of the scan.

How is HRCT beneficial in the Diagnosis process of Pulmonary diseases and COVID-19?

covid 19 in the lungs

There are multiple types of Lung diseases, to be able to diagnose the right one, CT Scans are very useful. HRCT examinations provide valuable information that cannot easily be depicted through medical history and other tests. It ensures accuracy in the prognosis or diagnosis of diseases. It determines the progression of the diseases easily and examines all the major and acute symptoms of worsening of diseases.

Many healthcare institutes prefer using the swab method to identify an infection. Although, according to a research study done by the American Journal of Roentgenology, it was concluded that the CT Scan diagnosis of COVID-19 is fairly accurate with an error rate of 4%. Various people have different preferences regarding diagnosis, HRCT has been a primary tool in the early detection of COVID-19.


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