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Multispeciality Hospital With The Best Doctors And Medical Staff

Established in 2005 by Dr B.R. Chaudhary, Dr. Chaudhary Hospital is Udaipur’s first multi-specialty hospital. It is one of the top multi-specialty hospitals in the city of Udaipur. Our hospital is renowned and recognised as a premier healthcare provider in Rajasthan. We have the most qualified team of doctors and surgeons, well-esteemed in Udaipur for being excellent at their medical practices and providing various healthcare professional services. Today, we are one of the best private hospitals in Udaipur with remarkable healthcare facilities, along with the use of absolute best and latest technology, medical equipment for ideal treatment at our hospital. Alongside benefiting healthcare services, the modern infrastructure of the hospital adds to the beauty of the hospital in Udaipur city. For over a few years we’ve been serving more than 12 districts of Rajasthan and a wide area of Madhya Pradesh with exceptional healthcare facilities. Our primary focus is on clinical excellence at affordable costs and a patient-centric culture along with transparency in billing and highest quality care.
Our mission is to set the highest standards of quality care and treatment for which the best doctors, physicians, and surgeons are appointed to provide excellent healthcare services in the field of medical services in Udaipur city. Our mission is to establish ourselves as one of the leading hospitals across the nation. Besides recognition and fame, our mission is to provide the finest healthcare services at the least cost for the welfare of all communities.
We are a team of passionate health professionals avidly working towards sustaining and building a healthier community. Our experienced and compassionate medical professionals not only provide the principal healthcare services but also cultivate an ethical environment with the virtues of honesty, mutual respect and equality.
We diagnose and help manage your condition if you are acutely unwell in hospital or in outpatient clinics by providing evidence-based care.
The Neurological Services combine experience, compassion, and the latest technology in addressing the neurological concerns of our patients.   
Well-established department of surgery which focuses on laparoscopic surgery. All trauma patients are evaluated by the surgical team.
Comprehensive care for gastroenterological diseases. We offer a full range of procedures and treatments for digestive diseases and disorders.
We provide the top orthopedic care services. Our specialized surgeons practice joint replacement, treatment of disordered bones, tendons and muscles.
OBS & Gynecology
Gynecologists and obstetricians attend to the gynecological needs of women and offer them suitable diagnostic, medical, and surgical expertise.

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Chaudhary Hospital & Medical Research Center
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Why Choose Us?

Chaudhary Hospital has conducted over 30,000 commendable surgeries, taken over 10,00,000 OPD patients in its care and treated them with fine services and specialties. The hospital contains more than 150 bedding where patients are treated with the utmost care and amazing healthcare facilities. Amongst the top leading hospitals in Udaipur, Dr Chaudhary Hospital holds health services as its major and only priority. With us, there is care, optimum service, highly trained doctors and surgeons, specialized facilities. We pioneer in a number of fields, such as Dermatology, OBS & Gynaec, General & Laproscopic surgery, Physiotherapy, Nephrology, Dentistry, Gastroenterology, General Medicine, Paediatric Surgery , Neurology, Trauma & Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, Clinical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, ENT, Pulmonology, Interventional spine & pain management, Intensive Care Units, Trauma & Emergency services, Dialysis Services, Urology, Radiology, and Paediatrics. In addition to this, we have a world-class diagnostic center. Our hospital conducts body profile checkups to provide people with apt measures and precautions to prevent diseases, such as lipid profile text, CBC test, thyroid test, HbA1C, Kidney test, liver test, and vitamin test. We offer cashless and reimbursement facilities with leading TPA & Corporate and are recognized for Rajasthan State Government employees and pensioners. Our services and our approach are by far unique hospital services in Udaipur. Our objective does not lie in fame, name, money, and popularity, our core interest lies in bringing the most optimum healthcare facilities, under any circumstances, to you.

Patient Testimonials

  • Dinesh Kumar Sharma

    Heart Attack Survivor

    We as a family will forever be grateful for the memories you helped create, for the strength and fortitude you provided, and for the commitment and dedication to our father and his treatment. Thank you so much for making such an enormous difference in his life.
  • Jitendra Gupta

    "One of the cleanest and professional place I had the chance to be in. The staff was friendly, The rooms very bright and the patient care is excellent. I went home after 3 days spent very well at Chaudhary hospital."
  • Mr R K mathure


    The staff at Chaudhary Hospital are totally devoted to the patients, determined to give them the best opportunity to improve their lives.
  • Shoba Gupta

    Cancer Survivor

    Words cannot describe our gratitude to your phenomenal staff for exceeding any expectations we had from her (our mom’s) recovery. The staff is as responsive as they are professional, trying to fulfill every request…

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