Pediatric surgery is the diagnosis and treatment (operative and non-operative) of children (usually up to 15 years of age) who may require surgery.

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Common pediatric diseases that may require pediatric surgery include:

  • Herniotomy for congenital inguinal (groin area) hernia and hydrocoele (collection of fluid around the testes)
  • Correction of undescended testis.
  • Circumcision.
  • Repair of umbilical (belly-button) hernia.
  • Appendectomy— when the appendix becomes infected or it is painful due to inflammation, it may need to be removed
  • Biliary atresia— this surgical procedure corrects a congenital birth defect where the bile produced by the liver cannot be emptied properly.
  • Various cancer treatments
  • Congenital defects— there are numerous congenital defects that may impact the ability of a child to thrive. Malformed lungs, kidneys, and hearts are the most common defects that require surgical care..
  • Gallbladder surgery
  • Gastroschisis— this defect causes the intestines and stomach to fall from the body through a hole in the infant’s abdomen.
  • Bowed chest
  • Reproductive defects
  • Removal of the spleen
  • Removal of diseased intestines
  • GERD treatment— also referred to as acid reflux
  • Abnormal pathways— when a child’s trachea or esophagus is malformed.
  • Imperforate anus— if a child is born without an opening in the anus